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Floating Castle

In the year 1590, powerful daimyo Toyotomi Hideyoshi nears his plan to unify all of Japa
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  The Floating Castle (2012) on IMDb

Single Shot

The tragic death of a beautiful young girl starts a tense and atmospheric game of cat and mouse between hunter John Moon and the hardened backwater criminals out for his blood. A Single Shot (2013) on IMDb

Labor Day

Depressed single mom Adele and her son Henry offer a wounded, fearsome man a ride. As police search town for the escaped convict, the mother and son gradually learn his true story as their options become increasingly limited. Labor Day (2013) on IMDb

Cruel Intentions

If he loses, Kathryn gets his Jaguar, if he wins, he gets Kathryn. Cruel Intentions (1999) on IMDb

Man Down

In a post-apocalyptic America, former U.S. Marine Gabriel Drummer searches desperately for the whereabouts of his son, accompanied by his best friend and a survivor. Man Down (2015) on IMDb

Demon Strikes Back

A monk and his three disciples continue on their journey to battle demons. Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back (2017) on IMDb


When Callum Lynch explores the memories of his ancestor Aguilar and gains the skills of a Master Assassin, he discovers he is a descendant of the secret Assassins society. Assassin's Creed (2016) on IMDb

Wick 2

After returning to the criminal underworld to repay a debt, John Wick discovers that a large bounty has been put on his life. John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017) on IMDb


This is the story of Panifilov's Twenty-Eight, a group of twenty-eight soldiers of the Red Army's 316th Rifle Division, under the command of General Ivan Panfilov, that stopped the advance on Moscow of a column of fifty-four Nazi tanks of the 11th Panzer Division for several days Dvadtsat vosem panfilovtsev (2016) on IMDb


A war drama set during the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, in which Soviet troops held on to a border stronghold for nine days. Fortress of War (2010) on IMDb

Walking Dead Se. 7 EP. 10

Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes leads a group of survivors in a world overrun by the walking dead. Fighting the dead, fearing the living.

Check Point

Port City North Carolina: During a routine camp out, a local vagrant discovers plans for an invasion in America.

In Dubious

An activist gets caught up in the labor movement for farm workers in California during the 1930s. In Dubious Battle (2016) on IMDb


A cop with a connection to the criminal underworld scours a nightclub in search of his kidnapped son. Sleepless (2017) on IMDb


When his home of New Eden is destroyed by a revitalized Brotherhood and its new Vamp leader The Stakelander (2016) on IMDb


Shades Darker

While Christian wrestles with his inner demons, Anastasia must confront the anger and envy of the women who came before her. Fifty Shades Darker (2017) on IMDb

Ninja War

A former Ninja must outplay his former Mastress and an evil lord to free his family from certain death. The Ninja War of Torakage (2014) on IMDb


A heart-pounding thriller about a widowed child psychologist who lives in an isolated existence in rural New England. Caught in a deadly winter storm, she must find a way to rescue a young boy before he disappears forever. Shut In (2016) on IMDb


Two professors team up to locate a lost treasure and embark on an adventure that takes them from a Tibetan ice cave to Dubai to a mountain temple in India Kung-Fu Yoga (2017) on IMDb


Assigned to protect a small town in Vietnam, Dao arrives to fight against the crime boss; but soon his past catches up with him, threatening to destroy the cherished villag Lua Phat (2013) on IMDb
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